Supercharge Your Adenium Plant! - Grow greener 🌱

Adenium plants, also known as desert roses, are stunning succulents that require specific care to thrive. One essential aspect of their care is providing them with the right nutrients. While there are many commercial fertilizers available, you can also make your own homemade fertilizer for your adenium plant. Here's a simple recipe to get you started:


- Epsom salt

- Banana peel

- Coffee grounds

- Water


1. Start by collecting banana peels. These peels are rich in potassium, an essential nutrient for adenium plants.

2. Cut the banana peels into small pieces to help them decompose faster.

3. Next, gather coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are a great source of nitrogen, which promotes healthy leaf growth.

4. Mix the banana peels and coffee grounds together in a container.

5. Add water to the container, enough to cover the mixture.

6. Let the mixture sit for about a week, stirring occasionally. This will allow the nutrients to leach into the water.

7. After a week, strain the liquid from the mixture. This liquid is your homemade fertilizer.


1. Dilute the homemade fertilizer by mixing one part of the liquid fertilizer with three parts of water. This will prevent over-fertilization, which can harm your adenium plant.

2. Apply the diluted fertilizer to the soil around the base of your adenium plant. Avoid getting the fertilizer on the leaves, as it can cause burns.

3. Water your adenium plant as usual, allowing the fertilizer to soak into the soil.


- Use the homemade fertilizer once every two to four weeks during the growing season (spring and summer). Adenium plants are dormant during the winter, so they don't require fertilization.

- If you notice any signs of over-fertilization, such as yellowing leaves or wilting, flush the soil with water to remove excess nutrients.

- Remember that homemade fertilizers may not provide a balanced ratio of nutrients. It's a good idea to supplement your adenium plant's diet with a commercial succulent fertilizer occasionally to ensure it receives all the necessary nutrients.

By making your own homemade fertilizer, you can provide your adenium plant with the nutrients it needs while also reducing your reliance on commercial products. Experiment with different ratios and ingredients to find the best fertilizer recipe for your specific adenium plant. Happy gardening!

Rick Terry
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Rick Terry is a master in the art of succulent arrangements and terrarium creation. His passion lies in exploring a variety of colors and textures to concoct unique and intriguing designs. Outside of his succulent world, Rick channels his creativity into painting and sketching, further honing his artistic skills.