Succulent Success! - 🌵 Soil Swap

Absolutely! Store-bought succulents can be planted using store-bought soil, but it's important to choose the right type of soil for your succulents' specific needs. While store-bought succulents often come in a soil mix suitable for their initial growth, it's a good idea to eventually repot them into a more suitable soil mix.

Many store-bought succulents are potted in a soil mix that is too moisture-retentive for their liking. Succulents have unique water requirements and need a well-draining soil to prevent root rot and other issues. So, while you can start with the soil they come in, it's best to eventually transition them to a more suitable mix.

To create the best soil mix for your succulents, you can either purchase a specialized succulent or cactus mix from a garden center or make your own. If you decide to make your own, here's a simple recipe:

1. Start with a base of regular potting soil. Look for a well-draining mix that doesn't contain too much organic matter or moisture-retaining additives.

2. Add in coarse sand or perlite to improve drainage. This helps prevent water from sitting around the roots, which can lead to rot. Aim for a ratio of about 1 part sand or perlite to 2 parts potting soil.

3. Optionally, you can also add in some pumice or small gravel to further enhance drainage. This is especially beneficial if you tend to overwater your succulents.

Mix these ingredients together thoroughly, and you'll have a well-draining soil mix that's perfect for your succulents. Remember, succulents prefer to dry out between waterings, so it's important to use a soil mix that allows excess water to drain away quickly.

When repotting your store-bought succulents, choose a pot with drainage holes to ensure excess water can escape. Fill the pot with your well-draining soil mix, leaving enough space for the roots of the succulent. Gently remove the succulent from its original pot, loosen the roots if they're tightly packed, and place it in the new pot. Fill in any gaps with additional soil, making sure not to bury the succulent too deep.

After repotting, give your succulent a thorough watering and then allow the soil to dry out completely before watering again. Remember, succulents are adapted to survive in arid conditions, so they prefer infrequent but deep waterings.

By using the right soil mix and providing proper care, your store-bought succulents can thrive and bring beauty to your home or garden. Happy planting!

Dedric Bednar
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Dedric Bednar is a passionate succulent enthusiast, boasting an impressive collection of more than 100 distinctive succulent species. He takes pleasure in studying the myriad of varieties and their specific care techniques. When he's not tending to his succulents, you can find Dedric engrossed in a good book or immersed in the world of video games.